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NEWS | Oct. 3, 2011

This week in Air Force History

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Oct. 2, 1993 - Major earthquakes rolled through central India. Afterwards, C-5s airlifted 1,000 rolls of plastic sheeting, 950 tents, 18,550 five-gallon water containers, 22 pallets of blankets and other relief supplies to Bombay through Oct. 4.

Oct. 3, 1995 - An Air Mobility Command contracted DC-8 left Robins Air Force Base, Ga. for Hanoi with 28 tons of medical supplies for hospitals in Vietnam on the first on the first humanitarian mission to the country since the war.

Oct. 4, 1983 - Four CH-3 helicopters from the 302nd Special Operations Squadron rescued 57 residents from flood waters around Maricopa, Ariz. through Oct. 5.

Oct. 5, 1905 - At Dayton, Ohio, Orville Wright flew the Wright III, the first practical airplane, to a world distance and duration record of 24.2 miles in 38 minutes three seconds.

Oct. 6, 1969 - With the inactivation of the 8th Tactical Bombing Squadron, its B-57 light bombers were ferried to the U.S. for storage. The first aircraft left Phan Rang, South Vietnam.

Oct. 7, 1950 - The U.S. Air Force dropped food to a group of 150 former prisoners of war, who had escaped during the North Korean retreat.

Oct. 8, 1956 - Since 1948, Military Air Transport Service and DOD aircraft made over 100,000 ocean crossings to carry 400,000 passengers and 700,000 tons of mail and freight to overseas bases.