NEWS | Oct. 3, 2011

This week in Navy History

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Oct. 2, 1799 - The Washington Navy Yard was established.

Oct. 3, 1921 - USS Olympia sailed for France to bring home the Unknown Soldier from World War I.

Oct. 4, 1943 - Aircraft from USS Ranger sank five German ships and damaged three in Operation Leader, the only U.S. Navy carrier operation in northern European waters during World War II.

Oct. 5, 1957 - Minitrack, a satellite tracking net developed by the Naval Research Laboratory, became operational. This network, with stations from Maine to Chile, tracked the Vangard satellite.

Oct. 6, 1962 - The first nuclear-powered frigate, USS Bainbridge (DLGN-25), was commissioned.

Oct. 7, 2001 - Operation Enduring Freedom began with carrier air strikes and ship and submarine Tomahawk strikes.

Oct. 8, 1950 - 1st Marine Division commenced embarkation at Inchon for landings at Wonsan, Korea.