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NEWS | Oct. 4, 2011

437th AW explores Strategic Alignment and Deployment

By Colonel Erik Hansen 437th Airlift Wing commander

Senior 437th Airlift Wing leaders invested significant time this past September to develop a simple, long-term planning method called Strategic Alignment and Deployment.

Strategic Alignment and Deployment presents a way to think, plan and assess the potential that lies ahead. It involves getting Airmen at every level to tackle everyday tasks driven by command objectives, measures and critical targets. By design, SA&D orients personnel and focuses efforts on the most important objectives. It drives us to get the things done that make the greatest difference.

As a service and as individual Airmen, today's force is busier than ever. We have taken on many new missions, while implementing required force reductions. Despite these changes, we must take time to think and plan strategically, developing our forces to meet our desired future state. We must look beyond currently defined missions and responsibilities and focus on the long term. Strategic planning ensures we are calculated and intentional in the way we employ our Airmen. We owe them nothing less.

The eight-step problem solving process represents the core of the SA&D model. It places the necessary rigor and discipline into how we solve command-wide problems. In the coming weeks and months, expect to hear more about the details and methodology associated with this process.

While this process possesses great potential, I need your help in turning our SA&D strategy into action. As with all other world-class organizations, we only succeed if everyone participates. Specifically, I am counting on all Airmen to identify gaps in their ability to get the job done as well as to seek opportunities to be even more effective. Remember, even the smallest increase in productivity or capability impacts the organization.

I recognize that smart, innovative and driven Airmen are the foundation of our Wing. I hear you and know you have ideas to improve our team. I ask you to learn this SA&D process and run with it as we plan and innovate for the future. Each of your innovations represents a way to maintain our place as the greatest Air and Space Force in the world.