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NEWS | Nov. 16, 2011

Training requirements change for motorcyclists on Air Force installations

By Gary Gist 628th Air Base Wing Safety office

On Oct. 27, the revised U.S. Air Force Traffic Safety Program, AFI 91-207, was released and there are some changes that will affect current and potential motorcycle riders on Joint Base Charleston.

The most significant changes bring rider training requirements in line with the Department of Defense traffic safety program, DoDI 6055.4. Duty status for civilian personnel is clearly defined as "has the riding of a motorcycle in their job description." It also states that Air Force civilian personnel not in a duty status, non-military family members, military retirees, civilian visitors or contractors who are properly licensed to ride a motorcycle will not be required to receive service sponsored training or to prove that they have taken other motorcycle training in order to operate a motorcycle on a DoD installation. Prior to these revisions, all persons operating a motorcycle on Joint Base Charleston were required to show proof of safety training prior to operating a motorcycle on base.

In accordance with AFI 91-207, all military personnel who operate a motorcycle on a roadway at any time, all Air Force civilian personnel who operate a motorcycle on a roadway while in a duty status on official business and all operators of government owned motorcycles are required to attend and complete an approved motorcycle rider education course.

At Air Force led Joint Bases, military personnel should complete intermediate training within 120 days of initial training, but in no case more than one year after completing initial training. Refresher training will be completed at intervals not less than three years (OPNAVINST 5100.12H) and not more than five years. The window for intermediate training has been extended to allow consideration for deployments, permanent change of duty station moves, climate and other influences that may interfere with training.
If you have any questions, contact your Unit Motorcycle Safety representative or the 628th Air Base Wing Safety office at 764-7037 or 963-5605.