NEWS | Dec. 13, 2011

Family Care Plans critical for deployment preparations

By 628th Air Base Wing Staff Judge Advocate's office

Deployments can pop up when you least expect them. Airmen always have to be ready and prepared to go. Is your Family Care Plan up-to-date, accurate and legally sound?

If you are a single, custodial parent of your child, who are you going to entrust with your child's care while you are deployed? If the answer is a non-custodial parent, you need to verify the legal requirements of your resident status, your divorce decree or your child custody agreement.

AFI 36-2908, Family Care Plan guidance, published new requirements addressing this issue Nov. 1. When custody arrangements must be considered, the responsibility falls entirely on you to consult a legal assistance attorney before designating a non-custodial parent as the caregiver (paragraph Every effort should be made "to the greatest extent possible," to obtain the documented consent of the non-custodial parent to the custody arrangement before you deploy. Failure to do so could undermine or negate the intent of your family care plan.

Familiarize yourself with the revised Family Care Plan guidance to create a solid plan. Your child's welfare is paramount to you and you have the ultimate obligation to ensure his or her placement is appropriate.

For more information, contact the 628th Air Base Wing Staff Judge Advocate's office at 963-5502.