NEWS | Dec. 13, 2011

AtHoc system improves emergency preparedness

By 628th Air Base Wing Command Post

From acts of terror and war to extreme weather and chemical or biological hazards, today's all-hazard threats necessitate a comprehensive mass notification capability to quickly and effectively reach personnel in times of emergency.

Joint Base Charleston recently awarded a contract to AtHoc for an installation-wide, network-centric emergency mass notification system for notification and accountability. The AtHoc IWSAlerts system is capable of notifying everyone on both sides of the installation within 10 minutes of an emergency event from a single centralized web-based entry. Notifications can range from force protection condition changes and anti-terror warnings to natural disaster alerts for approaching tornados, hurricanes or other emergency situations such as an active shooter.

AtHoc is an alert system used to provide information to all military, civilians, contractors and possibly their families at work or at home via their cell phones, text messages and email. AtHoc gives the installation leadership the capability to send out real time information for personnel to respond appropriately in an emergency.
For AtHoc to work properly, personnel need to register and input their personal data which only takes a couple of minutes. It is mandatory that all government employees, military and civilians, enter their work email and work number. It is also mandatory that military and "key" or "emergency essential" civilians enter their after-hours number. Instructions for adding contact information are:

· Right-click on the AtHoc Self Service client (Purple Globe) icon in the user's system tray, at the bottom right of the computer screen. If your computer doesn't have the purple globe, email 628

· Select "Access Self Service" from the pop-up menu.
· The Athoc Self Service client will open. Select the "My Info" tab. Enter your first name, last name, display name, office symbol, location, building number, duty status and county. Click save.
· Select the "Devices" tab and enter your contact information in the appropriate fields and click save.
· This completes the registration process.

For assistance with these instructions or other technical issues, send emails to 628 or call Brian Dillo at 963-3038.