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NEWS | Dec. 28, 2011

Instaflix deploys to JB Charleston - Air Base

By Joe Puryear, Army & Air Force Exchange Service


Bringing home the latest movies and entertainment is getting easier with the premiere of the Army & Air Force Exchange Service's Instaflix video kiosk on JB Charleston - Air Base.

The new kiosk lets users rent DVDs overnight for $1 and Blu-ray discs for $1.49 and no membership is required. Airmen and their families can now enjoy the convenience of DVDs available on-base along with a selection of 600-800 discs per kiosk. The kiosk on JB Charleston - Air Base is located at the rear entrance to the Gaylor dining facility.

"Instafix will ask first-time users for an e-mail address in order to provide receipts and new release details, but contact information is not required to use the service," said Angela Mauras, the JB Charleston - Air Base Exchange's general manager. "Even if you provide an e-mail, you can opt out of receiving information."

Remembering when to return the videos is simple as rentals are due the next business day by 6 p.m., no matter what time they were rented.

The Instaflix computerized system also offers a number of high-tech advantages. Movie buffs can order videos online, reserve DVDs before renting, or even purchase movies through the system.

The computerized vending machines are debuting at 250 Exchange locations this year with more than 200 already up and running throughout the United States.

More information about the Instaflix machine locations and future upgrades is available at www.shopmyexchange/exchangestores.