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NEWS | March 13, 2012

Updating AtHoc is mandatory

By Michelle Bates Joint Base Charleston Emergency Management Operations section

AtHoc is the new emergency notification system used on Joint Base Charleston. AtHoc makes it possible to warn all personnel on the installation of an emergency within 10 minutes and can be used for notification of Force Protection Condition changes and anti-terror warnings, natural disaster alerts for approaching tornados or hurricanes or other emergency situations such as an active shooter. AtHoc provides the capability to send out real time information so personnel know what actions to take in times of an emergency. AtHoc can also send out alerts through work and personal email, home or cell phones and work phone numbers as well as the giant voice and text messages.

AtHoc will only be as efficient and effective as each individual makes it. The JB Charleston AtHoc policy letter makes it mandatory for all military and government civilians to enter their work and home phone numbers as well as work email into the system. All military and "key" or "emergency essential" civilians must also enter their after-hours contact information and anyone issued a government cell phone must list the number under a phone device and text messaging device.

By following the easy steps below, updating your personal information in AtHoc will only take a couple of minutes:

Air Force computer Users:

Right-click on the AtHoc Self Service client (Purple Globe) icon in the user's system tray at the bottom of the computer screen.
Select "Access Self Service" from the pop-up menu.

Navy computer Users

Click on or enter

Choose your CA-Certificate (not your e-mail certificate)

The AtHoc Self Service client will open. Select the "My Info" tab and update your last name, first name, and display name and click save. Do not enter PIN information.

Select the "Devices" tab and enter your contact information in the appropriate fields and click save.

This completes the registration process.

If you are deploying soon and want to keep your dependents updated with any emergencies happening on the installation, enter your dependents contact information in AtHoc under "email other" and "phone other" in the "Self Service" window.

For any assistance needed with AtHoc please send emails to