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NEWS | April 18, 2012

SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic … one team, one plan, one future

By SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic Public Affairs

SPAWAR Systems Center Atlantic is a Department of the Navy organization dedicated to making Information Technology count for the warfighter and the nation. The SSC Atlantic team rapidly delivers and supports solutions that enable information dominance for naval, joint, national and coalition warfighters. SSC Atlantic develops, acquires and provides life cycle support for command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, IT and space capabilities.

To fulfill this worldwide mission, SSC Atlantic, located at Joint Base Charleston - Weapons Station, has a team of 127 military, 3,600 federal civilians and approximately 13,000 industry partners -- all supported by stateside offices in Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington D.C., as well as overseas posts in Europe, the Mideast and Antarctica. The majority of SSC Atlantic's workforce is located at the center's headquarters in Charleston, S.C., and at other Southeastern U.S. locations. SSC Atlantic reports directly to Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, Calif.

Operating under the Navy Working Capital Fund, SSC Atlantic receives no direct funding from Congress. Unlike mission funded programs, which are funded by direct appropriations from Congress, the NWCF is a business model that relies on revenue to fund operations. SSC Atlantic stays competitive by maximizing effectiveness and efficiency to control expenses and continually satisfying customer requirements. SSC Atlantic's operations in Charleston had a total economic impact of $2.6 billion on the state of South Carolina in 2008. Total obligation authority for SSC Atlantic is $5.3 billion.

The SSC Atlantic team engineers and sustains the sensor connections, cyber network infrastructures and knowledge management services that ensure timely and trusted information is available where it is needed, when it is needed and to only those who need it. SSC Atlantic's products and services transform ships, aircraft and vehicles from individual platforms into integrated battle forces, enhancing information dominance and awareness. SSC Atlantic provides the hardware and software to connect warfighters at sea, on land and in the air. They support the full lifecycle of product and service delivery: from the initial research and development, to acquisition and deployment, to operations and logistics support.

For years SSC Atlantic focused on 'speed to capability' to bring innovative solutions to the warfighter quickly. More recently, SSC Atlantic emphasized 'speed to engineered capability' to reflect the use of credentialed disciplines such as Capability Maturity Model Integration. Today, the pace of the modern warfare environment is faster than ever, with budgetary pressures bearing down on all three sides of the classic cost-schedule-performance triangle. As a result, warfighters rely on SSC Atlantic for agile, affordable, adoption of sensor connections, cyber network infrastructures and knowledge management services.

SSC Atlantic is in the 'Freedom Business,' serving warfighters' unified efforts to overcome the dangers of the 21st Century by enabling them to respond to any situation ... anywhere ... at any time. SSC Atlantic has more than 1,450 customers around the globe - the majority of them are Navy and Marine Corps commands - approximately 25 percent are joint commands and less than 10 percent are federal agencies. The agencies SSC Atlantic supports are numerous and include all branches of the uniformed services, Unified Combatant Commanders, the Departments of Defense, State, Veterans Affairs, Justice, Treasury and Homeland Security, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Science Foundation.

Recently the DoD has called for a broadened portfolio of solutions whose designs and investments can be leveraged and rapidly fielded to a wide range of customers. The future national defense space is one where joint warfighting forces and their supporting organizations are interconnected in a networked, collaborative environment. SSC Atlantic's business line is warfighter 'IT' backed by six well integrated portfolios: Decision Superiority, Business and Force Support, Transport and Computing Infrastructure, Battlespace Awareness, Integrated Cyber Operations and Production, Installation and In-Service Support.

SSC Atlantic has a four-year strategy which emphasizes quickly adapting global technologies to naval application, closer coordination between the operational and technical communities, strengthened stewardship and "smart" investments. This vision is expressed as 'making IT count for the warfighter and the nation.'

Strengthened by mission partnerships across Team SPAWAR, industry and academia, SSC Atlantic delivers and supports agile, affordable IT solutions for the warfighters and peacekeepers who carry the flame of freedom. One team with a shared purpose, one plan with shared priorities and one future with shared successes that make IT count for the warfighter and the Nation, adds up to an unbeatable combination.

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