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NEWS | May 17, 2012

Peak Move Season, Get Ready!

By Joint Base Charleston Personal Property Office

Almost 65 percent of all Department of Defense Household Goods moves are performed during the summer peak season, May 15 to Sept. 30.

Unfortunately, many service members that moved during last year's peak season experienced some dissatisfaction with the process. Two main areas were the focus of their complaints:

1) The Transportation Service Provider could not accommodate preferred dates and/or did not handle property with care.

2) The Defense Personal Property System system locked up often and screens were slow to load.

Moving is stressful and any issue that impedes the move process places a burden on the members and their families. Unfortunately, some moving problems are beyond the control of the DOD, such as a shortage of private sector drivers and an increase in private sector moves. However, there are areas where DOD has made improvements, ranging from simple things such as easier to find Personal Property Processing Office customer service numbers to more technical fixes like improved DPS performance. While this year may see some of the same uncontrollable problems, such as driver availability, we expect the system improvements will greatly enhance the overall experience for DOD members.
Below are some helpful tips to reduce stress and make your move a successful one:

· Visit , review the "IT'S YOUR MOVE" pamphlets and other informative information under the "DOD Service Members and Civilians (DOD)" section

· Contact your local PPPO as soon as you have orders (843-963- 4460/2256/2253)

· If you self-counsel be sure to bring the required paperwork into your local PPPO as soon as you complete the counseling

· If you do self-counsel and encounter problems with the system, contact the DPS helpdesk at 1-800-462-2176 option 5. If you have entitlement questions contact your local PPPO

· Provide both primary and alternate move dates and be flexible with these dates

· Provide a valid e-mail address and phone number so that you can be readily reached throughout your move

· Remember to obtain and keep numbers and points of contact from the TSP conducting your move and keep in contact with them throughout the move

· Contact your PPPO immediately if your TSP doesn't initiate contact within 10 days of primary pack and pick up dates or if they do not arrive on the projected move day

· Contact your local PPPO for questions prior to your move, contact your TSP with questions after your property has picked up. If your TSP does not satisfy you, contact your responsible JPPSO

If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail at or via phone at 843-963- 4460/2256/2253.