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NEWS | May 22, 2012

Services Transformation to streamline JB Charleston programs

By Michaela Judge Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

The 628th Force Support Squadron is in the beginning stages of implementing an Air Force initiative known as Services Transformation, a base-wide approach to reduce and streamline Services operations, where practical, in order to meet current fiscal constraints.

As part of this initiative, 628th FSS is taking steps to identify the services most valuable to the installation's employees and their families by determining what changes can be made to ensure operations and facilities are relevant to the base's current needs.

"One of the most important takeaways from this transformation is that none of our Services functions or programs are going away at Joint Base Charleston. As an installation, we are looking at different avenues to provide customer support, but in a way that is more relevant to the existing needs of the base community," said Lt. Col. Danny Davis, 628th Force Support Squadron commander.

While the Services programs the base is utilizing will not be going away, Davis said the way in which people receive a particular service or where someone goes to get the service on base may change in the coming months.

"We are looking at ways to consolidate functions, management and activities, not only to find cost savings, but to also make these services more accessible to the base," Davis said.

To help identify the services that are most important to the base community, the 628th FSS is developing a survey to receive customer feedback on services activities that exist across the installation. This survey will be available for the base populace to fill out and address the positives, negatives and improvements they would like to see implemented within Services. Until the survey is developed and distributed, individuals can submit an Interactive Customer Evaluation at to provide feedback and ideas.

"It's important as we move forward with transforming our operations, that we do it in a way that addresses specifically what the base community needs. When someone is looking for a specific service, we want them to automatically think of using one of our facilities first, and if they don't, we want to know why and where we can reinvigorate an activity or level of service to bring business back to the base. One of the ways we can make these improvements is by hearing your honest feedback through this survey," Davis said.

Something as simple as submitting feedback has already led to one base improvement: Rookies Sports Grill. After hearing feedback from Joint Base Charleston Airmen looking for on-base dining alternatives, the 628th FSS opened a new sports grill within the Charleston Club, which provides a hang-out spot to dine and watch the latest sporting events.

"Projects, such as creating Rookies Sports Grill, were initiated through feedback, but it was also made possible through revenue gained through other Services operations. When the base community utilizes an on-base Services function, that revenue not only ensures the business can continue to exist, but it also helps to fund additional improvements and activities on base," he said.

Many locations on base, including the Base Exchange (AAFES and NEX), take a portion of their revenue and put it right back into other Services activies and projects benefiting the base populace.

As 628th FSS receives input on functions and activities, leadership will also be looking at how often these services are used as another form of feedback.

"In many ways, the personnel and their families are and will continue to "vote" with their dollars on what activities are important to them, and the ones that may not be as useful. Joint Base Charleston will continue to provide support to an activity or service, as long as the base community continues to utilize it and finds it relevant," said Col. Richard McComb, Joint Base Charleston commander.

Over the next several months, many Services activities and resources will merge at the management level, relocate with other functions to different facilities or tailor their services in a way that will help create savings and improve customer support. As changes happen, the 628th FSS and Public Affairs office will advertise through various channels to inform the public.

"This process will have its challenges, but we assure you leadership is focused on continuing to support the services that contribute most significantly to quality of life and resiliency of the Joint Base Charleston community," McComb said.