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NEWS | July 2, 2012

Honor Guard Spotlight

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Each month, Joint Base Charleston's Honor Guard selects one member from the team to be in the Honor Guard Spotlight. This month's Honor Guard Spotlight is Airman 1st Class Donald Farris.

Hometown: Ridgecrest, Calif.

Squadron and job title: 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron communication navigation journeyman

Reason for joining the Honor Guard: I joined Joint Base Charleston's Honor Guard to gain a new experience.

Short-term and Long-term goals: One of my short-term goals is to cross-train into the Tactical Air Control Party and one of my long-term goals is to own and operate my own business someday.

Quote: "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf." -George Orwell

Honor Guard Charge

- Handpicked to serve as a member of the Joint Base Charleston Honor Guard, my standards of conduct and level of professionalism must be above reproach, for I represent all others in my service.

O - Others earned the right for me to wear the ceremonial uniform, one that is honored in a rich tradition and history. I will honor their memory by wearing it properly and proudly.

N - Never will I allow my performance to be dictated by the type of ceremony, severity of the temperature or size of the crowd. I will remain superbly conditioned to perfect all movements throughout every drill and ceremony.

O - Obligated by my oath, I am constantly driven to excel by a deep devotion to duty and a strong sense of dedication.

R - Representing every member, past and present, of the United States Air Force, I vow to stand sharp, crisp and motionless, for I am a Ceremonial Guardsman.