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NEWS | July 2, 2012

Mosquito season is here

By 628th Medical Group

Summer is here and mosquito season is in full swing which means from April to October, Air Force Public Health (PH) technicians, Navy Preventive Medicine Technicians (PMT) and Pest Management (PM) are all busy trying to eliminate as many mosquitoes as they can and this season is no different. Our technicians, both PH and PMTs, trap mosquitoes on a weekly basis and then provide Pest Management with the information so they can take appropriate control measures, such as spraying.

While eliminating all mosquitoes is not possible, there are steps you can take to minimize their interference with your fun in the sun and greatly reduce your exposure to the diseases they may carry.

A little known fact is that only adult female mosquitoes bite and they only need two things: a blood meal (you) and standing water to lay their eggs.

Repellents do help reduce the incidence of bites, but it is far more efficient and personally comfortable to eliminate mosquito populations before they hatch and launch their attack. You can take a more active role in the program and significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes in your area by scouting for breeding places and eliminating them. Here are some things you can do:
· Remove old tires that collect rain water
· Clean out clogged rain gutters
· Cover or turn over items that can collect water such as buckets, boats, kiddy pools
· Anything you can do to eliminate standing water, including emptying water standing in potted plant containers, inside or outside
Eradicating every breeding site would truly be mission impossible, but you can prevent bites by:
· Using a product that contains 20-50 percent DEET
· When possible, stay inside well-screened areas at dawn, dusk and nighttime
· Wear light colored clothing and long sleeves/pants when outside
· Make sure door and window screens do not have holes
· When camping or sleeping outdoors, sleep under a permethrin-impregnated bed net

If you have any questions or need to report increased mosquito activity of concern, here are the offices you should contact. Please note however, residents of base housing must contact their respective housing management agency since the military no longer has jurisdiction to trap or spray in those areas on each base with the exception of aerial spraying.
Air Force Base
Forrest City Housing: (843) 552-3358 for all housing residents
Public Health: 963-6954 for all other personnel and areas on the base

Naval Weapon Station
Balfour Beatty Housing: (843) 797-5631 for all housing residents
Navy Preventive Medicine: (843-794-6552) for all other personnel and areas on the base.