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NEWS | Aug. 22, 2012

Forest City begins demolition on Air Base's north side

By Steve Campbell Capital Asset Management Element chief

Forest City Military Communities began demolition on the Joint Base Charleston - Air Base north side, Aug. 13, by erecting a fence to separate the demolition area from current housing.

Since demolition is ongoing, vehicle traffic will be limited to construction vehicles on North East Jackson Dr., Batson Ave., Richardson, Arnold Circle and the south side of Hodge Ave. Construction in this area will start as soon as demolition is complete and new housing units will be phased on line as they become available for occupancy.

As new housing becomes available, existing housing on the north side will be phased out and the demolition fences will be moved to support further demolition and construction.

During demolition, the traffic patterns in the north side housing area will change. Residents and those driving through the area are advised to pay attention to the route change signs.

Hodge Ave. will be closed on the south side of the street and traffic will only flow going east. Construction haul routes will exit out of East Jackson onto Hill Blvd. to Arthur when leaving the base. Their alternate route is Gross Ave. to Arthur.

During construction, joggers and runners on McComb's way are advised to proceed with caution when crossing Gross Ave. The demolition and construction areas will be fenced and access will be limited.

Students walking or riding bikes to Lambs Elementary from Gross Ave. or Cobb St., are encouraged to go to Tohuey Ave. to exit main base north housing. The walking path near Tohuey Ave. and Batson will take walkers and bike riders to Hill Blvd. and West Jackson Dr. A crossing guard will be at this crossing.

Approximately 100 yards from West Jackson Dr. is another walking path that follows the power lines all the way to the bike racks at Lambs Elementary.

Military members living in the new units off of O'Neal Ave. will follow O'Neal straight to Lambs Elementary.

Other housing units on the south side are currently under construction. Once these houses are completed they will be phased for occupancy which should start in the next several weeks. Children walking or riding bikes to school from these units may use the walking path at the end of South Jackson Dr. that runs to Lambs Elementary.

New construction on the Air Base north side will include 22 junior noncommissioned officer units, two E-9 units, 25 company-grade officer and 21 field-grade officer units for a total of 70 new units. After final construction is complete there will be 40 senior noncommissioned officer units, 247 junior noncommissioned officer units, 25 company grade officer units, 21 field grade officer units, two E-9 Prestige units and the current 10 senior officer quarters for a total of 345 units on the Air Base. Construction is expected to be completed by Aug. 2013.

For additional information, contact Forest City at 552-0600 or the Joint Base Charleston Base Housing Office at 963-8169.