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NEWS | Sept. 5, 2012

Weapons Station Library under renovation

By Senior Airman Dennis Sloan

The Joint Base Charleston - Weapons Station Library is temporarily moving to a separate location while it undergoes an extensive renovation.

The library will be closed from Sept. 17 to Oct. 29, 2012.

During the 6-week closure, library-staff members will move books, movies, educational material and furniture to a separate location to set-up a temporary library.

The temporary location will be three blocks down the road from the current one: 170 Polasky St., across from the Weapons Station Education Center.

"We will have all of the same items at the temporary location that we have here, just a smaller collection," said Angela Aschenbrenner, Joint Base Charleston Library director. "Since the temporary location is smaller we will have to store some items during the renovation period."

The new location will have the most popular items such as: educational books, bestseller books, military testing material, DVD's, Bluray discs, video games and a music section as well as audio books.

"We want to make the temporary location as close to the current one, so JB Charleston community members still have a library to go to," said Aschenbrenner.

The renovations are expected to take six months.

The library will be refurbished with new carpet, walls and windows, greatly reducing the noise, said Aschenbrenner.

The library will also get a new roof, new electrical system and updated electronics for community members to use. The pink paint currently covering the walls will be painted over with a color to be determined.

"I've worked here for about a year and a half and I can truly say I'm excited to see a different color on the wall than pink," joked Pam King, JB Charleston - Weapons Station library cataloger.

The building was built in the 1960's and has not been updated or renovated until now.

"I'm looking forward to having a grand opening when the library is finally completed," Aschenbrenner. "We encourage community members on the Weapons Station to use the JB Charleston - Air Base Library during the 6-week closure."

Community members can call the library staff at 764-7900 for more information regarding the renovations and closures.