NEWS | Oct. 3, 2012

MiCare/Secure Messaging Registration: What happens after I receive an invitation email?

By Maj. Helda Carey 628th Medical Group Disease Management nurse

The 628th Medical Group recently joined the Air Force in its effort to provide patients better access to their health care while being able to communicate with their health care team in a faster and more convenient way than ever before. During the recent flu-line vaccine days held at the base theater, patients were provided information on MiCare/Secure Message and were invited to register to begin using the service.

More than 1,000 of our patients signed up to enroll and should have received an invitation email to finish the registration process. Responding to the email is a very important step.

The instructions below will guide you to complete the registration process:
1. Open the MiCare Registration Completion message received in your email inbox. The MiCare Registration Completion message will be sent from your Primary Care Manager. Make sure to check the "Junk email" and "Trash folder" as the message may be a victim of the spam filter. If you are still unable to see the message, call the clinic.
2. Click on the first blue link, halfway down the page.
3. Enter your birthday and click the 'next' button ... this confirms your identity.
4. Set up your User ID and password. Erase the automatically-generated User ID and create the ID you want. We recommend using your personal email address.
5. Create a password and answer the three security questions.
6. Skip the benefits information and click on "I agree to Terms of Use."
7. Go to "Take Me to My Home Page" and don't forget your password. You can ignore the "Start the Setup Wizard."

Many of our patients who are already enrolled have provided us with positive reviews about using MiCare to communicate securely and privately with their primary care team, improve their own health care management and reduce the reliance on telephone calls.

Patients not yet enrolled are encouraged to go to their Primary Care Clinic to begin the face-to-face process to enroll. This process ensures security of patient's health information. All you need to do is show your military identification card and provide some basic information such as your name, Social Security number, birthday and email address. You will then receive an email to finish your enrollment.

For questions about how to add children to your MiCare account, or any registration problems, stop by your Primary Care Clinic or Pediatric Clinic for assistance or contact Maj. Helda Carey at 963-6738.