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NEWS | Nov. 2, 2012

Life without Tobacco?

By Staff Sgt. Bianca Cortez 628th Medical Group

Active-duty Air Force members who smoke need to read and understand the new Air Force Instruction 40-102 which was released March 2012, with new regulations on tobacco use in the Air Force. The Air Force's ultimate goal is to have a tobacco-free environment in order to support your health and uphold the professional image of the USAF. Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States. As stated in AFI 40-102, "tobacco use degrades the state of military readiness and the health of military personnel. Commanders and leaders should strive for tobacco-free AF installations and decrease supportive environments."

AFI 40-102 also states that tobacco use is prohibited at all Air Force installations' recreation facilities, including athletic complexes, golf courses, most lodging rooms and AF vehicles to list a few. This also applies to students in all forms of AF formal training courses like basic military training, technical training, Professional Military Education, professional continuing education, inter-service training programs and Air Force Institute of Technology programs while in uniform. The only exceptions are designated tobacco areas and housing units.

The Air Force has partnered with off-base organizations to offer programs and aid for people struggling with this addiction. However, if you'd rather stay on base, the Health and Wellness Center has a group for you to join, a web-based program (known as the Fresh Start Class) and can offer medication therapy. Quit tobacco now and make everyone proud!

The Health and Wellness Center is also looking for Fresh Start volunteers (ex-tobacco users) to help fellow Joint Base Charleston members quit.

For more information about tobacco cessation, contact the HAWC, located in Building 225 at 963-4087.