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NEWS | Jan. 30, 2013

628th SFS Airmen conduct CQB training

By Senior Airman George Goslin Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

The 628th Security Forces Squadron conducted a simulated raid on a house in Joint Base Charleston - Air Base's housing using Close Quarter Battle tactics Jan. 28, 2013.

According to Tech. Sgt. Rudolph Stuart, 628th Security Forces Squadron noncommissioned officer in charge of training, CQB tactics are used when small units or teams of operators engage an enemy at close range. Typically, the enemy or opposing force is armed, so the operators need to be proficient in using their weapons at extremely close ranges or even switch to hand-to-hand combat if needed.

"CQB is a lot more prevalent today in a lot of things that Security Forces, as well as local law enforcement, is doing", said Stuart.

in these situations, security forces personnel would perform a swift takeover of a building occupied by an opposing force. They hone their skills to ensure they are ready for a scenario that could have grave implications for law enforcement officers or hostages if they are not.

The security forces team even went through weapons transition drills in the event their primary weapon malfunctioned during a raid. They practiced thedrills in the house while simultaneously clearing it so that they will be comfortable in case a similar situation might arise. Transition drills are the action of swapping from your primary to your secondary weapon.

"Every time you breach a building, your M4 is not going to do what you want it to do" said Stuart. "What are you going to do in that instance? Transition to your 9mm and engage your adversary. A lot of times, people get into a situation like that and don't have a backup plan. By doing these drills, it gives you that backup plan and allows you to have an out."

"On any given day, we can be called to go to a building facing a CQB scenario," Stuart said."It's every building on base: the commissary, the Exchange, the headquarters building, the Child Development Center or the Youth Center. Every building we would have to enter, we would have to use these tactics to get to the adversary, clear the scene, and to ensure people stay safe."

Airmen assigned to the 628th SFS receive this two-week training twice every year.

"We go through this training to make sure everyone stays on task, not to mention the numerous temporary duty assignments we will attend to ensure we're abreast of the 'latest and greatest' of today's tactics and training," said Stuart. "The Charleston County Police Department also comes out with us from time to time to train with us. This is a great give and take relationship, where they learn tactics from us and we learn tactics from them in a trade of information which helps us build a relationship with the local populace and local law enforcement."

Even one mistake during a building raid could potentially mean the loss of a team member or a hostage, making this training extremely valuable to the base's security forces.
"I not only feel more comfortable performing close quarters battle in deployed locations, but here at the base as well, if needed," said Staff Sgt. Anthony Servick, 628th SFS patrolman.