NEWS | March 27, 2013

Commander's Action Line - Taxes at Weapons Station

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

The Commander's Action Line is your direct link to me as the commander of Joint Base Charleston. I would ask that you first give the appropriate base agency a chance to solve the problem, but if you don't get a satisfactory answer, call me at 963-5581, or send an e-mail to

This forum is your opportunity to make Joint Base Charleston a better place to live, work and play. This is also your venue to tell me how our Airmen, Sailors, Air Force and Navy Civilians and Contractors are supporting you as a customer.

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Comment: I went to the Weapons Station today to get my taxes done. The building had parking by permit on the right and parking for government vehicles only on the left. The parking in front of the building had signs reserved for everyone else. I had nowhere to park. My husband is deceased and I'm 66 years old and I'm disabled. There were no handicap parking spaces and no parking spaces for civilians and retirees who want to get their taxes done.

Response: Thank you for sharing your concern. We try very hard to ensure our retiree population of more than 14,000 is well cared for across both the Air Base and the Weapons Station, and I'm very sorry you were presented with such an inconvenience. In the past, building 206, where the tax center is located, has had a designated handicapped parking spot, but at some point, the reserved spot was no longer needed and removed. However, given the building's current use it is clear that a handicapped spot is needed. A temporary sign is now in place, and our Wing Safety representatives have placed a work order to permanently designate one of the spots for handicapped parking. Additionally, I will review our regulations and where possible, free up some of the reserved parking spaces for civilian use. I appreciate your continuing involvement with the military community and strive to provide convenient support to all members of Team Charleston.