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NEWS | March 27, 2013

Commander’s Action Line – Base Shred Day

By Joint Base Charleston Pubilc Affairs

The Commander's Action Line is your direct link to me as the commander of Joint Base Charleston. I would ask that you first give the appropriate base agency a chance to solve the problem, but if you don't get a satisfactory answer, call me at 963-5581, or send an e-mail to

This forum is your opportunity to make Joint Base Charleston a better place to live, work and play. This is also your venue to tell me how our Airmen, Sailors, Air Force and Navy Civilians and Contractors are supporting you as a customer.

To ensure you receive a response to your concerns, please leave your name and the information needed to contact you.

Comment: I went to the Base Shred Day at the Air Base Theater March 1, 2013 around 12:15 p.m., and I was informed I could not bring my box of items to be shredded, and that it was only for base personnel. I informed the attendant in civilian clothes neither the base marquee nor the newspaper said for base personnel only. The attendant said it was in the Base Bulletin and I said as a retiree I don't get the bulletin, but I do look at the marquee and I read the paper. I was disappointed that I was turned away and I think next time it should be a little more direct as to who can get their stuff shredded and who can't. Thank you.

Response: Thank you for taking the time to express your concern. The Base
Shred Day was held for the purpose of shredding paper from government offices. The shredding company was placed under contract to provide base mission support and not community support. The statement "No Personal
Material" was annotated in the base bulletin as well as the flyers posted around JB Charleston. Unfortunately, that statement was not on the marquee.
In the future, we'll ensure the marquee clearly shows that the Base Shred
Day is for government paper only. We apologize for the confusion.