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NEWS | May 30, 2013

May brings advancement notices: Bravo Zulu!

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs office

The following Sailors were frocked or advanced to their new pay grade after the results of the March 2013 Navy-wide advancement exams were released last week. Frocking allows Sailors to assume the title and increased responsibilities of their new rank, but in many cases, they aren't actually paid for their promotion until they are actually advanced at various increments during the fiscal year.

Naval Consolidated Brig Charleston
Gas Turbine System Technician (Mechanical) First Class Alonzo Abney
Gas Turbine System Technician (Electrical) First Class Timothy Burch
Fire Controlman First Class Waylon Gray

Naval Health Clinic Charleston
Hospital Corpsman First Class Piotor Juchniewicz
HM1 Christopher Paul
HM2 Jesse Miller
HM2 Jessica Rahe
HM2 John Taber
HM3 Joshua Darisse
HM3 Michael Haynes
Electrician's Mate Third Class Michael Moore

Naval Nuclear Power Training Command (Staff)
GSM1 Adam Combs
Boatswain's Mate First Class Sage Dotson
Legalman First Class Mark Hudson
Mass Communication Specialist Third Class Jason Pastrick

Naval Nuclear Power Training Command (Students)
Machinist's Mate Third Class Samuel Brackmann
MM3 Cory Caballero
Electronics Technician Third Class Steven Cooper
MM3 Shaun Feeneymoore
MM3 Class Daniel Ford
EM3 Caitlin Hanousek
MM3 Richard Holweger
MM3 Joshua Jeffreys
EM3 Carlo Perez
ET3 Nicholas Rasche
MM3 Henry Riley
ET3 Kristie Stefanovicz
ET3 Melelik Stewart
MM3 Mikel Treece
MM3 Shelby Zaragoza

Nuclear Power Training Unit (Staff)
EM1Michael Ball
MM1 Tremon Cannon
EM1 Danny Ingram
EM1 Cory Kennedy
MM1 James Kirk
MM1 Gustavo Lopez
EM1 Martin Martinez
ET1 Eddy Mendozajaquez
ET1 Lorenzo Silver
MM1 Stephanie Simpson
EM1 Jonathan Wagner
EM1 Class Joseph Watson

Nuclear Power Training Unit (Base Operations)
EM1 Elliot Deavellar
Yeoman First Class Keith Mahannah
MM1 Gregory Murray
Master-at-Arms Second Class Adam Badley
MA2 Joshua Ellsworth
MA2 Nicholas Gatto
MA2 Sean Groves
MA2 James Halphen
MA3 Courtney Garza
MA3 Bradley Johnson

Nuclear Power Training Unit (Students)
MM1 Aric Hutson
ET2 James Archer
ET2 Romualdo Avilataveras
MM2 Hunter Blankenship
ET2 David Byrn
MM2 David Cantley
MM2 Jason Curls
MM2 Willliam Estabrook
MM2 Donald Ferguson
MM2 Steven Gallagher
MM2 Kyle Gates
MM2 Roger Glover
MM2 Cabot Hanson
MM2 Ruth Higgins
MM2 Thomas Marlow
MM2 Eric Marsicola
MM2 Matthew Morris
EM2 Janeau Nadeau
MM2 Paul Rohrs
MM2 Wyatt Smith
ET2 Christopher Stangl
MM2 Devin Thornton
MM2 John Ward
MM2 Blake Werner
EM2 Landon Williams
MM2 Christopher Womack
EM2 Vania Worsnop
MM3 Kasimer Edwards
MM3 Anthony Estrada
MM3 Kevin McVicker

Nuclear Power Training Unit (MTS-626)
EM1 Meaghan Barnum
MM1 Adam Bogard
MM1 Paul Canfield
MM1Thomas Cieplenski
MM1 Mark Halfinger
MM1 Justing Hampton
MM1 Thomas Paddock

Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps at The Citadel
MM1 Matthew Hall
MM2 Joseph Page
EM2 Cody Pearson

Naval Support Activity Charleston
Navy Counselor First Class David Haeffner
MA1 Frank Newsom
Ship's Servicemen Second Class Oforma Okwesa

Navy Munitions Command Charleston
Mineman First Class Tyler Ruble
MN1 David Toyloy
MN2 Daniel Bentley
MN2 Christopher McDowell
MN2 Jared Williamson
MN3 Raul Orozco