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NEWS | June 12, 2013

JB Charleston in DUI Condition Yellow

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

Due to a May 27, 2013, motorcycle accident in which an Airman was determined to be under the influence of alcohol (over the legal limit of 0.08) the DUI condition at Joint Base Charleston has moved from Green to Yellow. So, what does this mean for Airmen at JB Charleston?

Per the 2013 JB Charleston Driving under the Influence Battle Plan , DUI Condition Yellow applies when the installation experiences an upward trend in the number of DUIs, when multiple individuals are involved in several DUIs, and/or significant injuries occur. Additionally, DUI Condition Yellow may apply when there is an upcoming calendar event that usually involves heavier than normal alcohol consumption such as the Super Bowl, St. Patrick's Day, or July 4th holiday. The condition may also be changed at the discretion of the wing commanders.

Any active-duty member arrested for a DUI during DUI Condition Yellow will be present in service dress uniform the next duty day to the wing commander of his/her designee. Wing commanders will designate who must accompany the member.
Also during DUI Condition Yellow, supervisors and unit leadership will conduct random, weekly unit inspections to ensure personnel have a Wingman/ Airman Against Drunk Driving card or similar resource in their possession.

The unit of the member who received the DUI will conduct a Commander's Call or unit roll call within five days after a decision or event that has triggered the DUI Condition to change. Forums will be led by the squadron commander or designated representative. The goal of the forums is to discuss DUI prevention and to notify members of new DUI Condition. Units will coordinate to have Air Force Drug & Alcohol Abuse Program staff present.

As the DUI condition changes, some of the other awareness efforts Airmen might see include the 628th Force Support Squadron increasing safe, late- night activity alternatives for military members that do not include alcohol, or offer moderate alcohol with an identified transportation plan. The 628th Security Forces Squadron will also consider increasing frequency of random DUI checkpoints across the installation. And, the commander of the unit that received the DUI, will pursue options with the Judge Advocate of having the offending Airman brief at Commander's Call and/or write an article for publication for the base newspaper and website after appropriate action has been administered on a case by case basis .

The intent of the DUI Battle Plan is to create a culture of responsible choices for all JB Charleston members, effectively reducing the number and frequency of alcohol-related incidents.