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NEWS | June 25, 2013

14 Sailors selected to Senior Chief

By James Bowers Personnel Support Detachment Educational Services officer

The following Lowcountry Sailors recently received the news that they were being frocked or advanced to senior chief petty officer.
Congratulations to our new Senior Chiefs!

Navy Munitions Command
Mineman Senior Chief Petty Officer Brandi Jimenez

Navy Nuclear Power Training Command
Machinst's Mate Senior Chief Petty Officer Evan Barnard
MMCS Clarence Preston
MMCS Bryan Roberts
MMCS Sean Talbot
MMCS Timothy Welter

Navy Nuclear Power Training Unit
Master-at-Arms Senior Chief Petty Officer Robert Butcher
MMCS Juan Camacho-Hoarce
MMCS James Faulkner
MMCS Randall Horst
Electrician's Mate Senior Chief Petty Officer Bartholomew Levin
EMCS Andrew Rockman
MMCS Rodney Varner

Naval Health Clinic Charleston
Hospital Corpsman Senior Chief Petty Officer Jon Infante