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NEWS | July 16, 2013

Commander’s Action Line – Smoking Area at Building 503

By Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

The Commander's Action Line is your direct link to me as the commander of Joint Base Charleston. I would ask that you first give the appropriate base agency a chance to solve the problem, but if you don't get a satisfactory answer, call and leave your feedback at 963-5581, or send an e-mail to

This forum is your opportunity to make Joint Base Charleston a better place to live, work and play. This is also your venue to tell me how our Airmen, Sailors, Air Force and Navy civilians and contractors are supporting you as a customer.

To ensure you receive a response to your concerns, please leave your name and the information needed to contact you.

COMMENT: I've noticed the smoking area for building 503 is located directly in front of the building and the handicapped parking. Those who use the handicapped parking have to walk through the plumage of smoke to enter the building. I'm curious as to why there has been no action to relocate the smoking areas as it is not within regulations; smoke areas should be 50 feet away from the building. This entrance is also the primary entrance from the parking lot for all members visiting this building. I would like to see the smoking area relocated.

RESPONSE: Thank you for bringing this to my attention. You are correct, the current area being utilized for smoking outside of Building 503 is not in compliance with AFI 40-102 (Tobacco Use), nor is it compliant with the Wing Commander's Policy. A new designated tobacco area will be established based on the AFI and the approved civil engineering drawings and maps. The location and construction of a new, compliant smoking area may take some time due to financial constraints, but in the meantime we will have the old wooden fence and picnic table removed, and direct smokers to the approved Designated Tobacco Area between bldg. 503 and bldg. 500 (AFRC). I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused to the customers and will ensure my team works diligently to get this area re-located and within standards.

Thank you for calling the Action Line.
Col. Richard McComb - Joint Base Charleston Commander