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NEWS | Feb. 12, 2020

628th LRS parts store gets upgrade

By Staff Sgt. Christian Sullivan Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

With time comes wear and tear. The 628th Logistics Readiness Squadron parts store building had taken a beating after years of dealing with flooding and hurricanes year-after-year. Recently, they were given a new building to work in here.

The new facility was an upgrade in a few different ways, said Senior Master Sgt. Christopher Williams, 628th LRS materiel management flight superintendent.

“One benefit is the units are no longer spread out,” said Williams. “Now, three sections will be in this new building so there will be more consolidation between the units.”

Senior Master Sgt. Shonteakia Campbell, 628th LRS asset management superintendent, led the move and noticed how much the Airmen approve of the new facility.

“They love it, they know it’s definitely going to be a better working environment,” said Campbell. “They felt secluded from the mission being by themselves out here, but now they’re included in processes as much as possible.”

Although the old facility got the job done and helped accomplish the mission, some storage was built for older aircraft parts, whereas the new one has more adequate storage and shelving set up for different aircraft part sizes.

“Another benefit is more adequate space,” said Campbell. “Not only for the personnel, but also storage for parts.”

Williams also points out the Airmen’s voice for change was heard loud and clear by squadron and group leadership, who then pushed up the chain for approval from the wing commander.

“Initially Major Barrett and Colonel Terry drove home the fact to base leadership we needed new facilities,” said Williams. “Once they brought it up to Colonel Adams it didn’t take long for us to have a new place.”

Although Campbell led the move process, she said the Airmen who were a part of it should be recognized to for their hard work.

“The Airmen on the move team shouldn’t be forgotten about,” said Campbell. “They all put in a lot of hours of work and personal time to help accomplish our goal.”

After the Airmen are all in place in the new facility, scheduled for the beginning of March, Campbell believes it will affect more than just the 628th LRS.

“Putting everyone together not only helps us and our squadron, it also helps our customers and the overall mission by having one central location to get parts,” said Campbell.