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NEWS | March 8, 2019

CRS conducts maritime, landward tactical scenarios

By Airman 1st Class Helena Owens Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

The Coastal Riverine Squadron 10 Bravo 2nd Platoon (Landward Security) conducted a deployment exercise Feb. 25 through March 15, 2019, at the Naval Weapons Station.

The primary mission of the CRS is to conduct maritime security operations across all phases of military operations by defending high value assets, critical maritime infrastructure, ports and harbors, both inland and on coastal waterways. CRS can also conduct offensive combat operations in harbors, rivers, bays, across the littorals and ashore.

During the landward security exercise, they demonstrated tactical team movements, blank firing drills, entry control point drills and walked through a variety of scenarios to access and train watch standers on vehicle inspections, personnel inspections, peaceful protestors and Vehicle Improvised Explosive Devices, among other security skillsets.

“This gives new members of our team a chance to get hands-on weapon training, medical training and equipment training and also it’s a good refresher for us that have done it before,” said Chief Master-at-Arms Mark Puckett, CRS 10 Bravo 2nd Platoon’s Leading Chief Petty Officer. “It is important for them to get to see what they would be doing on a mobilization deployment. This is what our mission is all about.”

The blank fire drills utilized 50 caliber and M240 machine guns as well as M4 rifles outfitted with blank fire adapters. Additionally, they set up a modified camp layout on the compound and, throughout the night, had personnel roving in unarmed patrols to serve as fire watch for the compound.

“This is where we want to fail,” said Chief Master-at-Arms Shawn Knight, CRS 10 Bravo 2nd Platoon, Command Training Team leader. “This is where we want to make all our mistakes so in real-world scenarios we are prepared and equipped to handle anything.”

The last portion of this exercise consisted of integrated training between CRS 10 Bravo 1st Platoon (Maritime Security) and CRS 10 Bravo 2nd Platoon. Both platoons learned to work in concert while conducting maneuvers on the Cooper River with 34’ SeaArk Tactical Craft and simulated the protection of high value assets with the Embarked Security Intelligence Team. The two platoons deploy together overseas and provide security for vessels traveling in the Navy’s Fifth and Sixth Fleet areas of operation. CRS-10, as well as many other commands, were formed after the attack of the USS Cole off the coast of Yemen.

“This exercise gives us reservists the training we don’t see in our day-to-day lives,” said Master-at-Arms 2nd Class Timothy Calkins, CRS 10 Bravo 2nd Platoon. “They have learned this stuff before in the classroom, but this allows them to get hands-on training and practice over and over until it becomes muscle memory. You never know if it will be that one day something just goes wrong and you need to know how to properly respond.”