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NEWS | Sept. 13, 2018

Air Force evacuation accountability instructions

Air Force Personnel Center

Access AFPAAS instructions for Hurricane Florence HERE

What is AFPAAS?

AFPAAS is the Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System. It is accessed through a user-friendly website designed to help Air Force personnel and their families who are directly affected by a widespread catastrophic event such as wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.

Why is AFPAAS so important?


  • Enables Air Force leadership and authorities to account accurately for all assigned personnel and their family members, as well as make better decisions in supporting you and your family, maintaining military readiness, and preserving National Security during a disaster.
  • Allows you to report your current and/or displaced location in the case of an evacuation, and update emergency personal contact information.
  • Completing the accountability portion of AFPAAS is mandatory when directed by AF leadership; however, it is recommended members and their families provide regular updates as needed.

Needs Assessment

  • Completing a needs assessment helps the Air Force know how you are doing and what type of type of assistance, if any, you are requesting. The needs assessment allows families to identify their needs, including, but not limited to medical, missing family locator, transportation, housing; personal property, and financial assistance.
  • The AFPAAS Needs Assessment capability allows Airman and Family Readiness Case Managers to assist you in recovering from a crisis and coordinate with applicable agencies in responding to your needs.

Who can use AFPAAS?

  • AFPAAS is available to all Air Force affiliated personnel and their family members. This includes Active Duty, Select Reserve, DAF and NAF Civilians, AF OCONUS Contractors, and their family members, including personnel on temporary duty status, on leave or on a pass in the affected area.