NEWS | Aug. 1, 2018

Important information for the 2018-2019 school year

Joint Base Charleston School Liaison Office

The School Liaison Officer will publish articles in the next few weeks as the school year begins. Information for WS/AB residents will be pushed out through email, including gate access for PSA, Hunley Park and Lambs. Please contact the SLO at 843-963-4410 with questions/concerns.

  • Note: under South Carolina Law, students attend school in the district where they reside.
  • Verify attendance zone before signing a lease or contract for a home.
  • Verify all school calendars, bell schedules, open house/meet the teacher activities by contact with the individual schools or viewing their websites.


Connect to Facebook pages of your local school/district at:

  • Charleston County School District
  • Berkeley County School District
  • Dorchester School District Two
  • Palmetto Scholars Academy



Please make sure you are aware of attendance policies and consequences that can impact you and your child. If you do not understand the policy, or feel you need assistance, contact the SLO. Extended vacations should NOT be planned during the school year as they can negatively impact a student’s performance/attendance record. Requests for a Pre/Post Deployment considerations must be approved in advance by the Principal.


Bell Schedules

Schedules can vary slightly from school to school. Each district will have current schedules posted on their websites, and you can contact the school. Please make sure your child arrives on time.

Free/Reduced Lunch

Please make sure to apply for these lunch programs. Not only can it save you money, but it improves levels of Title I funding for eligible schools. These funds positively impact resources available in your child’s school.


Impact Aid

During September, public schools request you complete a form regarding connection to military/government employment. This information is used to provide funds to local school districts which are negatively impacted by the large presence of government installations/military housing. The funding has several categories and is not just about military children. Government employment, public housing, and children with special needs are also part of the funding. Please return your forms as requested. The district is required to report the results to the U.S. Department of education each year. By law, the money is deposited in the district operating budget.


Supply Lists

List can be located on almost all individual school websites. Call the school for more information.


Charleston County Schools (CCSD)

(843) 937-6300 - – First Day Aug 20


First Day Festival - August 12

Join us at the First Day Festival for a day of family fun and activities! Exhibitors will provide information on education and community services, and we will be handing out free bags of school supplies! Gates open at noon, and the event begins at 1:00 p.m.


CCSD Attendance Zones

The School Look-Up Tool can be used to find your correct attendance zone by address at


Office of Transportation (843) 725-3161

Bell schedules and bus routes/stop information can be found on the CCSD website under “Divisions/Operations/Transportation.” Those selected for a Choice School assignment will receive bussing notification directly from the district. Call the SLO if you have questions/concerns.


Miscellaneous CCSD Notes

Charleston County School District continues to work with the installation to provide access to quality educational programs for our resident children. To clear up any misconceptions, and to help those moving throughout the housing community, the following information is provided for Air Base residents with school age children: (Be aware to check transportation availability before making any changes to school assignments)

  • Some schools have uniform requirements.
  • All new JB CHS military residents may elect to have their elementary school age children attend either Lambs or Hunley Park Elementary. The district does not provide transportation, and this is a one-time choice.
  • Magnet Schools: Military families arriving at JB CHS after the normal lottery process, for the “upcoming” school year have extended application deadlines for “choice” schools. Please contact the School Liaison Office for more information, or look under the “Information for Military Families” link on the CCSD website for the application.

Berkeley County Schools

(843) 899-8600 - – First Day Aug 20


Attendance Zones

The School Look-Up Tool can be used to find your correct attendance zone. Attendance lines may have changed where new schools are opening. Please verify if you are unsure.


Office of Transportation

Bus routes have individual supervisors you may contact for information. Visit or more information.


Active Duty Residents of Berkeley County

“Active duty” military families “residing in Berkeley County” may enroll their children at Marrington ES/Marrington MS on the Weapons Station. Contact the SLO or the school for additional information.


Dorchester School District Two (DD2)

(843) 873-2901 - - First Day Aug 20


The “Parent & Student Link” provides access to most of the information you will need, including enrollment and calendars. Fact and Fee schedule, for August 8 & 9, can be found on the district website/Facebook page.


Back to School Guide/Fact & Fees

This guide is excellent, and can be found on the DD2 Web page under “News” as well as the Fact & Fees schedules for the year.


Attendance Zones

Check with the district office for latest/current information. Zones are based on subdivision, and a list can be found on the DD2 Website under the “District Information” tab.


Office of Transportation – (843) 873-6196

Bus information, by school, can be found under “Departments” link on the DD2 website at


Palmetto Scholars Academy

(843) 300-4118 - – First Day Aug 15th



There is no public school transportation at PSA. They do have a transportation company that provides fee based travel. Contact the school for more information.


Mevers School of Excellence

(843) 806-5909 - - First Day Aug 20th



There is no public transportation provided for Mevers.