NEWS | Feb. 6, 2018

Base fitness center initiates eight-week challenge to Team Charleston

By Staff Sgt. Andrea Salazar Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

The week of Jan. 8-15, 2018 marked the beginning of the Joint Base Charleston’s Fitness Center’s ‘Move It to Lose It’ challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to help base members achieve their weight loss and fitness goals in the new year.

The eight-week challenge was initiated by the 628th Force Support Squadron’s fitness center in conjunction with the Health and Wellness Center. Contestants earn points by attending exercise and nutrition classes in addition to losing weight or body fat percentage measured weekly.

“We wanted to start off 2018 with something fun and challenging, yet rewarding for all participating,” said Senior Airman Adaijah Rouse-Powell, 628th Force Support Squadron fitness apprentice. “For the new year, many people have resolutions to lose weight, so this competition gives them the opportunity to lose weight in a fun and motivating way.”

According to Rouse-Powell, the fitness center hosted a similar contest last year called ‘Mission Slim Possible.’

“We’re always promoting different avenues for members to get and stay fit,” said Rouse-Powell. “Last year’s contest did so well we decided to do the ‘Move It to Lose It’ challenge this year.”

Prizes will be given to the winner who loses the largest percentage of weight and to the person with the most points earned at the end of the contest.

“Winning prizes is great but really what people should aim for is to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Nikki Conley, JB Charleston HAWC health promotion nutrition program manager. “Being healthy and fit is imperative to preventing many diseases and being prepared for duty.”

Some ways the HAWC assists base members is providing individual’s with expertise and guidance to ensure safe weight loss and body composition changes, food recipes and meal planning.

“Weight loss competition prizes motivate some people. Often times, when someone uses prizes as their main motivator, they might try to lose weight in an unsafe way and need nutrition and exercise guidance,” said Alaine Mills, JB Charleston HAWC registered dietician. “By working with the fitness center, we can help people learn how to lose weight safely, how to keep it off and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”