NEWS | Sept. 8, 2017

JB Charleston issues Limited Evacuation Order

By Col. Jeffrey Nelson Commander, Joint Base Charleston and 628th Air Base Wing

Team Charleston, please see the attached Limited Evacuation Order (LEO) in response to Hurricane Irma. This order is given by me as the Joint Base Charleston installation commander and applies to all military (including in-status reservists) personnel, DoD civilian employees, and their eligible dependents. The order goes into effect today, 8 Sep 2017 at 1200.

The LEO has been issued to ensure the safety of our personnel and their families in support of Governor McMaster's evacuation efforts. While the Governor has not ordered a mandatory evacuation at this time, he has encouraged people to leave now in anticipation of an evacuation order.

Military personnel and DoD civilian must be "ordered" to leave for administrative and pay purposes. The LEO accomplishes this requirement.

I want to draw your attention to paragraph 4a, which specifies "Personnel who are not designated as members of a ride-out team but who are deemed mission essential or required to remain past 1200 on 8 Sep by their commanders to perform mission-related duties (and their dependents) will be excused from this order until they are cleared for release by their commander." The intent of this statement is to ensure commands have enough personnel to accomplish their hurricane preparation actions before all personnel depart. Required base support services are included in the exception.

Please make sure to read the whole order and ask questions through your chain of command. It is imperative to stay in touch with your leadership. Members may not return until the LEO has been lifted. Pre-identified recovery teams will be recalled at a later time which will be initiated by your chain of command. Continue to monitor our Facebook page and <> for current information.