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NEWS | Sept. 6, 2017

Hurricane Irma: Initial Information

Joint Base Charleston

Joint Base Charleston,


Hurricane Irma continues its track to the Eastern United States.  Recent projections show the Hurricane may directly strike the Charleston area. However, forecast projections can always change and only serve as an estimate. As we prepare for possible landfall in South Carolina, all military and DoD civilian members in the area should follow suit and have a plan ready to execute in the event we have to evacuate. There has NOT (repeat NOT) been an evacuation order as of 1800 on September 6, 2017.  Personnel should wait for an evacuation order from the Joint Base Installation Commander before departing.  Personnel who depart prior to the evacuation order may not be reimbursed fully for their evacuation.


Joint Base Charleston is currently in Hurricane Condition V, which indicates that we are at least 96 hours from destructive winds impacting the base.  Base personnel should begin reviewing their respective readiness checklists in anticipation of the installation moving into HURCON IV tomorrow, which indicates possible destructive winds within 72 hours.


The Installation Office of Emergency Management encourages everyone to review their hurricane plans with their families.  You should monitor the storm on NOAA weather radio and through the local news media, particularly those residents in low-lying areas along the SC coast.  The Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina; Charleston; Berkeley and Dorchester County Emergency Operations Center will coordinate on actions to take and inform residents as the storm forecast changes.


As a prudent precaution, all military members are requested to update their contact information and potential evacuation location on their respective Services accountability systems.  If an evacuation order is given, correct information is crucial for accountability.


Please use the links below to check & update your information:


Air Force Personnel Accountability and Assessment System


Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System


U.S. Army Disaster Personnel Accountability and Assessment System




Bottom line -- stay informed, be prepared and do not let your guard down.


Useful information: 


2017 S.C. Hurricane Guide is available for download on SC Emergency Management Division's website at


National Hurricane Center:


For official updates from Joint Base Charleston, please visit our Facebook page at or our website at





Commander, 628th Air Base Wing

Commander, Joint Base Charleston