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NEWS | March 23, 2017

New DBIDS 5.0 adds security to JB Charleston

By Bob Trout, J5 section chief 628th Security Forces Squadron

Joint Base Charleston is updating its base access system to Defense Biometrics Identification System version 5.0. 

DBIDS has been in use at Department of Defense locations in the United States and abroad since 2001. DBIDS was installed on Joint Base Charleston Air Base in December 2008 and on JB Charleston – Weapons Station in February 2010.  DBIDS started with version 2.0, has been upgraded to the 4.0 system in the past and soon will be utilizing a new high tech version of DBIDS 5.0. 

Next month DBIDS version 5.0 will go live with new user-friendly features and added security.

Gate guards currently use handheld scanners to electronically scan identification cards and assist in vetting of personnel entering the Joint Base.  The scanners are wirelessly connected to a DoD database where identity data is stored.  The database includes biometric data such as eye color, weight and other physical identifying information from the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System.

The upgraded DBIDS 5.0 system has a quicker scanner, a larger database and additional security features.  The electronic scan should take one second or less to review an identification card.  The system is more efficient than a visual inspection and much more accurate.  

Another benefit of DBIDS 5.0 is easier control of an individual’s access to the base, to include varying access rules based on the threat condition. If a member is barred from or has a driving revocation on an installation, has a warrant, or has any other information security should be aware of, the information will appear immediately on the scanner alerting the gate guard.

New DBIDS ID cards or DBIDS access passes will be issued in the same manner as the current ID cards and passes.  Cards or passes will be issued to individuals, such as contractors who meet the requirements; vendors who require access to a DoD installation but do not qualify for a Common Access Card and long term guests, etc. The DBIDS cards and access passes will have an expiration date embedded in their data.

All CAC holders, dependents, retirees and other DoD compliant cards are registered in DBIDS.  Retirees holding old ID cards which do not have bar codes need to go to the Military Personnel Section (MPS), to receive a new retiree card.  Non-compliant DoD cards will prevent entry to the installation.  

The new DBIDS 5.0 installation will take place on JB Charleston – Weapons Station from April 3-7, 2017 and on JB Charleston – Air Base from April 10-14, 2017.  There will only be a slight interruption in scanning while new hardware is installed.  Once completed, Security Forces intends to scan 100% of the time, 365 days a year, to identify all personnel entering JB Charleston.

From January to December 2016, DBIDS scanned more 2.6 million ID’s at JB Charleston.  Of those, DBIDS identified more than 14,000 people trying to the enter bases without proper authorization. Those attempting to gain access to the base illegally included members using expired, suspended or duplicate CACs.  DBIDS also identified 195 wanted felons, 42 sex offenders and 29 personnel on probation.