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NEWS | Feb. 14, 2017

437th AW captain completes ASPC

By Airman Joshua R. Maund 628 ABW

An aircraft maintenance officer graduated from the inaugural Advanced Sortie Production Course (ASPC) at the Advanced Maintenance and Munitions Operations Schoolhouse (AMMOS) at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, Dec. 7.

Capt. Shawn Cox, 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron officer in charge, was a part of ASPC class 16-A, the first class of the course at AMMOS. The training teaches maintenance, logistics readiness and munitions officers how to analyze and resolve problems affecting air missions. ASPC is an update of a previous course called the Combat Support Course.

“Air missions, also known as sorties, consist of people, processes and resources,” said Cox. “The class taught us how to execute the process of each at an expert level.”

Cox was one of 15 Air Force officers selected to attend the course. Prerequisites to participate in the course include four to nine years as a logistics, maintenance or munitions officer and wing commanders recommendation.

“Capt. Cox was selected based on his record of performance as well as the potential he demonstrates,” said Lt. Col. Robert Ryder, 437th Air Maintenance Squadron commander.  “He was one of only two aircraft maintenance officers from across Air Mobility Command selected to attend this course.”

Through his understanding and ability to demonstrate what he learned in the class, Cox along with Capt. Justin Stone, 69th Maintenance Squadron operations officer, Capt. Jason Bramlett, 461st Maintenance Squadron operations officer and Capt. Ryan Hudson, 432nd Maintenance Squadron operations officer, received the Top Wing award during the capstone exercise, which incorporated all aspects learned through the 12-week training regimen.

“It's no surprise that Capt. Cox was part of the team that won the Top Wing award,” said Ryder. “We are extremely lucky to have him as a member of the 437th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and I'm confident he'll continue to excel at the next level of his career.”

The training these officers received is intended to be shared with the Airmen that are in their duty sections.

“I have an obligation to make the Air Force better by sharing what I have learned during the ASPC,” said Cox.