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Fact Sheets
FACTSHEET | May 22, 2014

Army Reserve Units at Joint Base Charleston

1189th Transportation Surface Brigade
Mission: Provide mission command to assigned and attached SDDC (Army Reserve) units, and when required MTOE battalions engaged in Joint Logistics Over the Shores (JLOT), and terminal operations; provide support to other DoD partners, and civil authorities in support of the Combatant Commanders.
 Deputy Commander 843-794-0305
 Human Resources Specialist 843-794-0460
 Senior Human Resources Sergeant 843-794-0627

4th BN, Army Reserve Careers Division
Mission: Shape and sustain the strength of the Army Reserve through aggressive retention and transition programs.
 Center Retention NCO 843-794-0739/ 843-437-7186 Cell
 Center Retention NCO 843-794-0581/ 843-437-4580 Cell

590th Transportation Detachment (TTP)
Mission: To operate as a Trailer Transfer Point (TTP), or Convoy Support Center (CSC) supporting line haul, direct haul, local haul, and shuttle-relay motor transport operations.
 Unit Administrator 843-794-0303

595th Transportation Detachment (TTP)
Mission: To operate as a Trailer Transfer Point (TTP), or Convoy Support Center (CSC) supporting line haul, direct haul, local haul, and shuttle-relay motor transport operations.
 Unit Administrator 843-794-0720
596th Transportation Detachment (MCT)
Mission: To provide movement control functions for movement of units, cargo, and personnel; validate transportation support, highway clearance, cargo and personnel movements, diversions, and re consignments; and provide ITV of unit equipment and sustainment cargo.
 Senior Movements NCO 843-794-0481

1182d Distribution Deployment Support Battalion
Mission: Provide command and control, and technically supervise assigned and attached detachments and personnel engaged in terminal operations, terminal management, deployment support operations, and distribution support operations in support of the Combatant Commander.
 Asst. S-3 843-794-0673
 SOTS 843-794-0711
 Battalion Operations Sergeant 843-794-0723

630th Terminal Supervision Team
Mission: To deploy/redeploy to an area of operation to conduct Command and control, maintain communication, perform area security for all assigned personnel, plan and supervise
contract services for seaport and inland terminal operations or related
services in support of the DSC and SDDC Commander.
 Training NCO 843-794-0645
 Training/Admin NCO 843-794-0644

Reserves Personnel Action Center (RPAC)
Mission: Provide human Resource Life Cycle Management by integrating administrative and pay functions, sustainment, Soldier and family support in a centralized location within an Army Reserve Facility. We enable commanders to focus solely on training and growing leaders to ensure the Army Reserve has the skills necessary to meet future mobilization demands. We strive to change the culture of the current Army Reserve workforce from one that is stationary, specialized, unit specific, trained "on the job" and reactive to a future workforce that is agile, synergized, multi-skilled, multi-functional and proactive.
 RPAC Supervisor 843-794-0602

7224th USA Medical Support Unit
Mission: To assist the U.S. Army Medical Department Activity (MEDDAC) Fort Stewart, Georgia in satisfying the installation and deployment support requirements at Fort Stewart, Georgia IAW the current United States Army Medical Command Mobilization
(USAMEDCOM-MP), will Exercise Command and Control, Provide Sustainment,
Conduct Deployment and Redeployment, Protect the Force, and Perform Health
Service Support Operations.
 Training NCO 843-794-0655
 Human Resources Sergeant 843-794-0637

941st Transportation Company (POL)
Mission: Will mobilize and deploy, to an area of operation to provide bulk petroleum transportation support and bulk water products in conjunction with line haul operation.
 Commander 843-794-0647
 Training NCO 843-794-0728
 Human Resources Sergeant 843-794-0461

1 Bn 321st Infantry/2d BDE 98th DIV
Mission: To provide professionally trained and ready Drill Sergeants, Instructors, Leader Trainers, and Mission Command expertise to conduct Initial Military Training and Foreign Military Training.

Area Maintenance Support Activity (AMSA) 121G
Mission: To provide maintenance support and maintain equipment for the Army Reserve units located in this geographical area.
 HMER Supervisor 843-794-0688
 Main Shop Extension 843-794-0687

Computer Lab 843-794-0593
(Hours of Operation M-F 700-1500)