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Fact Sheets
FACTSHEET | July 19, 2023

628th Communications Squadron

U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet

The 628th Communications Squadron provides a broad range of communication services to the Joint Base Charleston workforce. In doing so it services more than 23,000 active-duty, reserve, government civilian, and contractor personnel from the 315th and 437th Airlift Wings, the 628th Air Base Wing, various Navy, and Army Commands, and 65 tenant units that span Joint Base Charleston’s geographically separated Air Base and Weapons Station.

The 628th Communication Squadron plans, installs, operates, and maintains the full spectrum of joint communications systems and knowledge management services decisive to the successful mission execution of Joint Base Charleston and its tenant units. Specific services include computer and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) data network connectivity, fixed and mobile voice, emergency mass notification, ground-to-air communications, TEMPEST, Communications Security (COMSEC) management, records management, and SharePoint.

The Squadron consists of approximately 81 Airmen, Sailors, Civilians, and Contractors. The vast majority of that end-strength resides in the Cyber Operations Flight (SCO) focused on mission execution, and with the exception of the command section, the remainder of the unit resides in the Plans and Resources Flight (SCX) focused on future plans and programs.

Mission Statement: Reliable secure “C5”…always!

To develop and employ premier Communicators

• 8 Jan 2010 – Activated as the 628th Communications Squadron
• Prior 8 Jan 2010 – Known as the 437th Communications Squadron

628th Mission Support Group, 8 Jan 2010
Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina: 8 Jan 2010 – Present

• 2023 DoD DISN Facility of the Year Award
• 2022 DoD DISN Transmission Facility of the Year Recipient
• 2021 AMC Small Communications Squadron of the Year
• 2021 DISA DISN Facility of the Year Cat II (Medium) – Infrastructure
• 2021 DoD DISN Transmission Facility of the Year Recipient
• 2021 Air Mobility Command Lt General Harold W. Grant Recipient

Motto: “Dominance Through Cyberspace”

July 2022 – Present, Maj Sarah-Grace Aglubat
July 2020 – July 2022, Maj Saheba Dehenre
July 2018 – July 2020, Major Andrew MacKenzie
July 2016 – July 2018, Major Joshua Aultman
July 2014 – July 2016, Major Christopher Landwehr
July 2012 – July 2014, Major Joseph Wingo
July 2010 – July 2012, Major David Joerres
Jan 2010 – July 2010, Major Gino Sarcomo

103 North Graves Ave, Bldg 302
Joint Base Charleston, S.C. 29404

Commercial (843) 963-3505
DSN: 673-3505