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628th Comptroller Squadron

Feb. 13, 2013


- Finance: (843) 963-3746 / (843) 963-3715
- Lobby Status


The 628th Comptroller Squadron provides accounting, finance, budget and cost analysis support for the 628th Air Base Wing, 437th Airlift Wing, the 315th Airlift Wing (AFRES) tenants, and geographically separated units. Provides customer service to over 7,300 military and civilian personnel. Disburses over $2.6M annually. Provides combat-ready financial support for worldwide strategic and tactical airlift missions. Overseas nonappropriated funds financial management.

Our squadron is comprised of four sub-branches under the Comptroller. The Financial Service Flight is responsible for all civilian and military pay, disbursing, travel pay, and accounting issues. The Financial Analysis Flight is responsible for all budget issues. Non-appropriated Funds (NAF) Financial Analysis is responsible for NAF financial management oversight and review of appropriated funds support of Services Squadron. And finally, Quality Oversight is responsible for working all customer issues under the Comptroller charge.

Our mission is to provide and assist all customers with timely and accurate funds certification with comprehensive and accurate financial management services; ensuring responsible and effective use of wing resources.