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Fact Sheets
FACTSHEET | July 13, 2023

437th Maintenance Squadron


The 437th Maintenance Squadron (MXS) consists of seven flights which includes 14 unique sections. Our vision of “Ready Airmen protecting our nation’s promise around the world” drives us to execute our no-fail, global mission through safe, precise, reliable, mission-ready equipment and aircraft…anytime, anywhere. MXS is composed of 410 combat-ready maintainers and support personnel, comprised of Active Duty, Civilian, and Air Reserve Technician components. They inspect, service, maintain, and support assigned C-17 aircraft and associated equipment at Joint Base Charleston. These maintainers enable aircraft to perform global airlift missions ranging from combat support operations and humanitarian relief to aeromedical evacuations. The squadron is also responsible for aircraft maintenance around the world through AFFORGEN and short-notice deployments in support of any mission, anywhere.

The 437th Maintenance Squadron is responsible for the maintenance of 40 assigned C-17A aircraft worth more than $9 billion dollars. MXS primarily performs back shop and flightline support to include structural, avionic, hydraulic, electrical, environmental, and fuels maintenance. Additionally, we conduct scheduled Home Station Check (HSC) inspections, Non-Destructive Inspections (NDI), and Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE) support. Our world-class Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory (PMEL) supports Test Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment maintenance for the entire region. Furthermore, our Maintenance Flight produces time critical wheel and tire assemblies for multiple locations around the world. Additionally, our Aero Repair section maintains a 24/7/365 readiness posture to support regional civil and military aviation mishaps with a Crashed, Damaged, Disabled, Aircraft Recovery team. Finally, our Munitions Flight is responsible for inspecting, shipping, and maintaining a revolving munitions stockpile of approximately 725 munitions line-items valued at $7.1M in support of Wing’s C-17 mission, as well as 28 joint base munitions supply points.

With each day that passes, the "Mavericks" continue to innovate processes and procedures, exuding squadron's slogan of "Mavericks…Make It Happen!" That slogan, and its underlying themes, run rampant throughout the squadron and are embraced by the outstanding personnel assigned. We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards and the continued pursuit of improvement in line with our Motto “AD EXACTA CAPACES” or “to exact standards.” Daily we achieve phenomenal successes despite maintaining the oldest C-17s in the fleet operating at a high tempo. We do it through teamwork and by readiness spurred by the synchronization of correct 4Ts; Tools, Time, Tech Data, and Training.

Our mission statement, " Safe, precise, reliable, mission-ready equipment and aircraft…anytime, anywhere," captures the spirit of what we do, the diverse support we provide, the quality of maintainers we produce, and reflects the enormous scope of operations the squadron supports. It recognizes that our efforts are not limited to the 437th/315th Airlift Wings or even to Air Mobility Command (AMC), but around the globe supporting the Air Force's Global Reach doctrine and mission.


Constituted 437th Maintenance Squadron, Troop Carrier, Medium on 10 May 1949.
Activated in the Reserve on 27 June 1949.
Redesignated 437th Maintenance Squadron on 1 March 1950.
Ordered to Active Service on 10 August 1950.
Inactivated on 10 June 1952.
Activated in the Reserve on 15 June 1952.
Redesignated 437th Field Maintenance Squadron on 8 November 1954.
Inactivated on 16 November 1957.
Activated on 27 December 1965.
Organized on 8 January 1966.
Redesignated: 437th Equipment Maintenance Squadron on 1 August 1990; 437th Maintenance Squadron on 1 August 1994; 437th Equipment Maintenance Squadron on 1 April 1997; 437th Maintenance Squadron on 25 April 2000.


437th Maintenance and Supply Group: 27 June 1949 - 10 June 1952; 15 June 1952 - 16 November 1957
Military Air Transport Service: 27 December 1965 - 8 January 1966

437th Military Airlift Wing: 8 January 1966 - 1 October 1991
437th Logistics (later, 437th Maintenance) Group: 1 October 1991 - present


Chicago-Orchard (later, O'Hare Field-Chicago International) Airport, Illinois: 27 June 1949 - 14 August 1950 

Shaw AFB, South Carolina: 14 August - 16 October 1950 

Brady Field, Japan: 8 November 1950 - 10 June 1952.
O'Hare International Airport, Illinois: 15 June 1952 - 16 November 1957.
Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina: 8 January 1966 - present

Major Awards

1984 United States Air Force Outstanding Field Maintenance Squadron
1998 21st AF Maintenance Effectiveness Awards
1998 AMC Outstanding Maintenance Squadron
1998 Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award HSC Action Workout
2002 Robert J. Collier Trophy AMC Nominee - Fuels Repair Section
2005 Air Force Maintenance Effectiveness Award
2006 Secretary of Defense Field Level Maintenance Award

2022 Air Force Maintenance Effectiveness Award


Service Streamers
Korean Service


Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards:

[8 January] - 31 May 1966
11 July 1966 - 10 July 1967
11 July 1967 - 10 June 1968
11 July 1968 - 12 June 1969
13 June 1969 - 12 June 1970
1 July 1972 - 30 June 1973
1 July 1982 - 30 June 1984
1 June 1984 - 30 June 1986
1 July 1988 - 30 June 1989
1 July 1989 - 30 June 1990
21 September - 31 October 1989
1 July 1993 - 30 June 1995
1 July 1995 - 30 June 1997
1 July 1997 - 30 June 1998
1 July 1998 - 30 June 2000
With Valor 11 September 2001 - 30 June 2003
1 July 2005 - 30 June 2007
1 July 2007 - 30 June 2008

Meritorious Unit Awards:

1 July 2009 - 30 June 2010
1 July 2011 - 30 June 2012
1July 2018 - 30 June 2019

Emblem (Approved on 29 April 2013)

Ultramarine blue and Air Force yellow are the Air Force colors.  Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations.  Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel.  The background of day and night sky indicates around-the–clock maintenance operations.  The sun resembles a compass rose, symbolizing the Squadron’s mission of support in keeping the unit’s aircraft flying worldwide.  The stars are in a constellation cluster, representing the teamwork required among Active Duty and Air Reserve component officer and enlisted members and civilians to make the mission happen. 

Motto: "AD EXACTA CAPACES" (Can Do) [literally translated "To Exact Standards"]