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Fact Sheets
FACTSHEET | Feb. 13, 2013

Humanitarian donations

Joint Relief International
113 S. Bates Street
Joint Base Charleston, S.C. 29404


The Denton Amendment, Title 10 U.S.C. Section 402, states "the Secretary of Defense may transport to any country, without charge, supplies which have been furnished by a non-governmental source and which are intended for humanitarian assistance. Such supplies may be transported only on a space available basis."

Cargo is moved through the Defense Transportation System (DTS) on a space-available basis by air, surface, sea or an intermodal combination thereof. The cargo is defined as opportune or TP4 by the DTS Regulations.
Any U.S. Military organization or coalition partner can participate. Primary transportation has been provided by Air Mobility Command (AMC) channel missions.

Historically, the type of cargo moved under the Denton Program has been medical/dental supplies, education supplies, furniture, vehicles, agricultural supplies, machinery, and clothing to support ongoing relief and development projects. It is not a program that is designed to respond to emergencies or disaster situations.

Donating organizations range from large, non-profit organizations to small church groups and private individuals. The cargo is moved to and distributed by non-profit organizations in the destination country.

Donating organizations must apply for movement through U.S. Agency for International Development (US AID).

The Denton Program is jointly administered by U.S. AID, the Department of State, and the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA). The U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM) at Scott AFB, IL contracts JRI-Denton Ops to coordinate the daily logistical operations necessary for the transportation of Denton Program cargo. 

Denton Program highlights:
Over 11,000,000 lbs. of cargo moved in support of relief efforts for Hurricane Mitch in Central America in 1997-1998

5.6 million lbs. of humanitarian supplies sent to 50 countries since 1998

Approximately 600,000 lbs. of humanitarian cargo sent to Afghanistan and Iraq in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom