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FACTSHEET | Feb. 13, 2013

437th Maintenance Operations Support

The 437th Maintenance Operations Support activated in 2002 after deactivation of the Logistics Support Squadron. As the premier support function to the Maintenance Group it is comprised of three flights; Program & Resources, Maintenance Training and Maintenance Operations. The later is further subdivided into three functional elements to including: Analysis, Plans Scheduling & Documentation, and the Maintenance Operations Center.

The Programs and Resources flight is the Maintenance Group's focal point for Budget, Manning, Facilities, Plans, Mobility, Logistics Network and, Communications and for Information Technology Management. It is responsible for monitoring, and managing these resources for the Maintenance Group Commander through the Maintenance Operations Squadron Commander. The flight coordinates with and provides quality support to higher headquarters and the maintenance community. As a proactive function, it ensures group resources are employed to the maximum benefit to both the 437th Maintenance Group and 437th Airlift Wing.

The Maintenance Training Flight delivers technically advanced, made-to-order maintenance training to the global C-17 community through the use of professional instructors, realistic scenarios, and up-to-the-second educational technologies. How many varies by year. In 2006, they had 238 off station students and 324 reservists. Trainees completing courses through the flight total 1,400 on average per annum and include off station, host active duty, and reserves agencies from bases residing within the continental U.S. and around the world to include: Incirlik Turkey, Spangdahlem AB & Ramstein AB Germany, Rota Spain, RAF Mildenhall Great Britain and Australia.

Maintenance Analysis provides both real-time and historical statistical analysis and maintenance database management to enhance managerial decisions that produces safe and reliable mobility aircraft to meet the needs of a global reach, global power Air Force. It continuously searches for ways to effectively use new and existing resources to automate complex analytical maintenance processes while creating simplistic products and reports for local customer and outside government and contractor agencies use.

The Plans, Scheduling and Documentation shop develops, maintains, and coordinates all schedules and plans affecting maintenance on all assigned C-17 aircraft. It manages, controls, schedules, orders required parts, and is the focal point for aircraft related Time Compliance Technical Orders and Time Change Programs. This element endeavors to manage scheduled maintenance to the fleet on a near 24/7 basis to accomplish all operational commitments with minimal impact to maintenance personnel, facilities and equipment while ensuring optimal use of both time and resources.

The Maintenance Operations Center coordinates maintenance and logistics support activities on all assigned C-17's and transient aircraft on mobility related missions. It's co-located with the base command post and interacts directly with numerous flight-line maintainers and aircrew members daily. This elements control of base-ground emergencies and in-flight emergencies are key to successful response activities that ensure zero loss of life and equipment. It coordinates with AMC Tanker Airlift Control Center on the speedy deployment of Maintenance Recovery Teams while managing computer-based platforms to include Global Decision Support System II and the Core Automated Maintenance System for mobility. Tasked with the crucial responsibility of flawless orchestration of maintenance operations, this center ensures timely and accurate support of HQ AMC and Joint Chiefs of Staff-tasked Special Operations Low Level missions. It implements daily flying & maintenance schedules, ensures optimum utilization of over 1,500 Maintenance Group personnel.