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NEWS | Jan. 21, 2014

628th CES fights back, wins base football championship

By Staff Sgt. Anthony Hyatt Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs

After three turnovers in the first half and scoring zero points, the 628th Civil Engineer Squadron was able to score the final two touchdowns of the game to beat the 628th Force Support Squadron 13-12.

On a chilly 57-degree weather night, the top seeded 628 FSS squared off against the number 3 seeded 628 CES in the Joint Base Charleston - Air Base Intramural Flag Football Championship on Jan. 17, 2014.

628 FSS finished the regular season with a 12-1 win/loss record, losing only to the 437th Aerial Port Squadron (7-6) on Jan. 6, 2014. They were able to score 202 points during the season and only gave up 72 points to opposing teams.

628 CES finished the regular season with an 11-2 win/loss record. Their losses came to 628 FSS (Nov. 5, 2013) and to APS (Nov. 21, 2013). 628 CES' stats were very similar to 628 FSS' as they were able to score a lot of points while giving up very little. They scored 193 points during the regular season while only giving up 79 points.

In their first match-up during the regular season, 628 FSS was able to get out to an early two-touchdown lead and ended up beating 628 CES 14-7.

"It feels great to go back to the championship game," said Andrew Dean, 628 CES coach. "We are just glad we can defend last year's championship. I feel like this year is the most talented group of guys we have had in a while."

Game Highlights

1st half

628 FSS won the coin-flip and choose to defer to the second half, giving 628 CES the ball to begin the game.

It didn't start out the way 628 CES had planned as Brandon Barnes, 628 CES quarterback, threw an interception on the third play of the game that was returned for a touchdown. 628 FSS failed on their 2-point conversion.

628 FSS 6 - 628 ES 0

628 CES second drive stalled when they turned the ball over on downs in 628 FSS territory.

However, 628 FSS was unable to capitalize on the turnover as they were forced to punt after three plays.

628 CES had a better starting position, mid-field, on their third drive. They leaned on their running game to move them closer to the end zone. With a first and goal from 628 FSS' 10-yard line, Barnes' pass was tipped at the line of scrimmage and picked off by 628 FSS.

Following the interception, 628 FSS had the ball on their own 30-yard line. Failing to gain any yards on this drive, 628 FSS decided to go for it on a fourth and 11. 628 FSS quarterback was unable to complete the pass, but a penalty flag was thrown.

A "roughing the passer" penalty was called - giving 628 FSS an automatic first down. 628 FSS took advantage of the penalty and two plays later, Dallas Gandolph, 628 FSS wide-receiver, turned a 10-yard catch into a 50-yard touchdown play. 628 FSS again failed on the 2-point conversion.

628 FSS 12 - 628 CES 0

628 CES' next two possessions ended with a turnover on downs and another interception. 628 FSS went into the halftime with a 12-0 lead.

2nd half

628 FSS started with the ball the second half, but 628 CES defense was able to stop them in four plays to take over.

628 CES second drive of the half finally got them onto the scoreboard. Barnes threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to his running back. 628 CES decided to kick the extra point.

628 FSS 12 - 628 CES 7

628 FSS was still unable to get any offense going - being forced to punt after three plays.

With the time being a factor, 628 CES knew their chances were diminishing. With less than four minutes left in the game, 628 CES had the ball again. After gaining two first downs, 628 CES was on FSS 15-yard line with 2 minutes left to go.

628 FSS' defense was able to make a stand with constant pressure on the quarterback and forcing four straight incomplete passes.

With less than two-minutes to go, 628 FSS needed only one first down to run the clock out and to win the championship game. But 628 CES had different plans. 628 ES still had all three of their timeouts and knew that if they stopped 628 FSS they would have a chance.

628 FSS first play was a two-yard loss. The next play stopped the clock because of an incompletion. 628 FSS quarterback threw up a deep pass to Rome for a first down, but it was dropped, which forced 628 FSS to punt with a minute left in the game.

The punt was returned to 628 FSS' 30-yard line. After a sack on the first play, Barnes was able to scramble for 20 yards and a first down. On the very next play, Barnes threw a potential touchdown pass which was broken up by the 628 FSS defender. An early celebration by the defender drew an unsportsmanlike penalty to himself moving 628 CES to the 5-yard line. With 26 seconds left, Barnes threw the game winning touchdown to Anthony Simmons, 628 CES wide receiver.

628 CES 13 - 628 FSS 12

628 CES offense was able to overcome their early turnovers and their defense proved true as they only gave up one score.

"Our defense played their best game of the season," said Dean. "To send our quarterback Brandon Barnes off to Missouri [due to PCS] with a championship is amazing. A story book ending."

Intramural Basketball is the next sports program scheduled for JB Charleston. The season is slated to begin Jan. 28, 2014. Anyone interested in JB Charleston - Air Base's Intramural Sports Program should contact their unit sports representative or contact the Air Base Fitness Center at 963-3347. Those interested in the Weapons Station Intramural Sports Program can call 764-4118.