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"We Care" Wellness Guide

A logo for Comprehensive Airman Fitness

This "We Care" wellness guide contains a list of services/resources available to our military community. 

Please look at the left "Need/Problem" menu and select the option that best fits your need. After selecting your need, you'll see a list of helping agencies. Select the agency you'd like to work with and then look at the "Helping Agency" menu on the right and select the right agency. You'll see a description of what the agency does and their contact information.



Helping Agency:

For additional information on Resilience resources, or to address questions, concerns or updates to the We Care icon, please contact the JB Charleston Community Support Coordinator (CSC).

Phone: 843-963-5476 

Address: Bldg 503, Rm 106A, 101 E Hill Blvd, Joint Base Charleston, SC 29404.

The Continuum of Care Outline