Fact Sheets
FACTSHEET | April 8, 2010

Pets and Hazards

Pet Shipment on AMC Charter Flights
AMC ships pets on most charter flights as a part of the normal service to DoD passengers traveling on official orders. This service is provided to Panama, Newfoundland, Azores, Guantanamo Bay, Guam, and Okinawa. Pet shipment is limited to passengers in a permanent change of station (PCS) status only. Pets are defined as dogs and cats in restricted pet spaces on flights. Reservations are handled on first-come, first-served basis through the local transportation office. The passenger must provide an approved International Air Transport Association container for pet shipment which is available at many exchange/retail stores. The passenger is also responsible and should be prepared to defray any associated costs. Pet shipments are identified in AMC Pamphlet 24-1, "AMC Pet Traffic/Transportation Office."

For additional information on pet shipments, contact the local TMO/ITO/PTO.

Hazardous Material/Articles Aboard Aircraft
Hazardous materials include many common items from your home, workshop, or garage which because of the physical or chemical properties can pose a danger during air transportation. The following is a partial list common items that are strictly forbidden in carry-on or checked baggage:
- Mace, tear gas, and other irritants
- Aerosols containing flammable material
- Loaded firearms
- Gunpowder and primers
- Loose ammunition
- Gasoline, diesel, or kerosene
- Propane, butane cylinders or lighter refills
- Wet-type batteries (as used in cars)
- Safety or "strike-anywhere" matches
- Corrosive material
- Infectious substances
- Radioactive material
- Any equipment containing fuel

The following hazardous articles may be transported in restricted quantities in hand-carried or checked baggage. A restricted quantity is what a passenger would use on a short trip.
- Toiletry articles and medicines containing hazardous substances
- Matches: 2 books per person
- Electronic wheelchairs as checked baggage
- Small arms ammunition for sporting purposes when properly packaged
- Catalytic hair curlers without refills
- Oxygen cylinders used by individuals for medical purposes
- Dry ice in small quantities
- Aerosols intended for personal care (hair sprays and deodorants)
- Lithium batteries located in watches, computers, etc.

As a reminder I.A.W. TSA Guidelines, travelers may now carry travel-size toiletries (3 ounces or less) that fit comfortably in one, quart-size, clear plastic, zip-top bag. This bag must be removed from your hand carried luggage and placed separately in one of the bins provided.